PSD In The News With SJC Win

The Boston Globe reported on PSD’s win in the SJC for the Quincy Historical Society.  PSD obtained a dismissal of all claims against its client.  The case involved a claim that a former trustee of a fund established by President Adams provided too generous lease terms for the Quincy Historical Society in a 50 year lease at $100 per month.  As reported:

“Barry Pollack, a Boston attorney representing the historical society, said in a statement that the nonprofit group has devoted significant resources and finances toward the maintenance and improvement of the Adams Academy building at 8 Adams St., as was stipulated in the lease. In court documents, the society asserted that since signing the lease it has spent at least $500,000 on capital improvements to the facility.

“The decision makes clear that the claims have been based entirely on a mistake of law,” Pollack wrote in an e-mail. “Given the former president’s express wishes when establishing the fund, the public should be concerned about trust assets wasted on litigation based on legal mistakes.”

Nevertheless, the present trustee said in an interview that he is considering filing an appeal.