Divorce Law, Family Business Disputes and Probate Matters

Boston Family Law and Probate Court Lawyers

PSD’s Boston family law and probate court lawyers represent business executives, professionals and their spouses in divorce matters and other family disputes. These matters often involve complex business valuation or custody issues. Our attorneys have handled high-profile divorces, custody battles, efforts to modify prior arrangements, and will contests. PSD regularly works on developing case-changing facts. To do so, PSD uses electronic discovery from parties and non-parties, as well as private investigative efforts. Our lawyers have won highly-contested custody issues. Also, PSD’s family law and probate court lawyers have enforced cutting edge rights on behalf of grandparents and in emerging modern family dynamics. Furthermore, PSD;’s lawyers have unique experience in a large number of international child abduction and custody cases. PSD lawyers have also successfully pursued and defended undue influence claims, as well as constitutional defenses to will contests.

Representative Matters – Boston Family Law and Probate Court Lawyers

PSD’s Boston family law and probate court lawyers have represented numerous clients in a variety of matters.

In one matter, PSD successfully used a theory of contract rights to gain access of a short-term spouse to further value. The spouse raised contractual rights to a share of entrepreneurial activities.

PSD attorneys successfully proved that children would face a grave risk of physical or psychological harm if returned to their abusive father in a foreign country. In international disputes, PSD have represented a parent or children in matters involving many locations. The countries involved include Ireland, Mexico, Sweden, Switzerland, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Canada, England, Portugal, Egypt and Cuba. PSD’s lawyers have experience working with foreign leaders to assisted in the recovery of abducted children.

In addition, PSD lawyers have proven and defended against claims of improper alienation.

Also, PSD lawyers defended trustees against allegations of misconduct.

PSD lawyers have helped a widow generate recoveries against multiple individuals who attempted to usurp business assets.

In another matter, PSD lawyers defended an estate representative and fiduciary in avoiding claims by an adopted-away son who had received nothing under a will.

PSD lawyers have represented the daughter of a decedent avoid a late-changed will that left most assets to a lawyer who had recently ingratiated himself to the elderly man.

The family law and probate practice area is led by Peter Duffy.