International Child Abductions

PSD International Child Rescue Project

The PSD International Child Rescue Project operates primarily in New England and New York, helping reunite parents with children who have been abducted internationally, as well as helping children and a parent fleeing from domestic violence or persecution. The PSD International Child Rescue Project provides pro bono representation of parents of limited financial means. Through this program, with the help of PSD attorneys, left-behind parents can pursue remedies under international law, including the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. The PSD International Child Rescue lawyers have helped reunite numerous abducted children with left-behind parents from a variety of foreign countries. They have also won multiple eight-figure verdicts against wrongdoers and even a private charter service that have participated in international child abductions.

PSD is uniquely situated for the International Child Rescue Project with experienced Hague Convention lawyers, a family law practice group, a former federal prosecutor and other skilled white-collar defense attorneys, as well as offices in Boston and New York.

For more information please contact Barry Pollack, Peter Duffy or Phil Rakhunov.